In a world full of chaos, I am crazy enough to believe that I can make a difference and create beauty in any space. So friend, do you look around your home and see comfort or chaos? I truly believe that the design of your home is a lifelong journey and I would be honored if you called me along for the ride. 

"God creating the sunset, is proof that He desires for us to be surrounded by beauty." -Stefanie


I'm Stefanie Brown, owner and designer at Willow Design & Accessories. I truly began to see the powerful impact your surroundings can have on your family when my husband and I had our first child. Holding that tiny baby in my arms brought out such a nesting aspect of my personality that wasn't there before. I soon began to look to the future and I realized that the majority of our biggest moments together as a family were going to happen in our home. Our family dinners, every first and last day of school, my daughter getting ready for prom, or my son leaving to pick a girl up on their first date. These events, whether big or small, are memories I will treasure forever. The common denominator is the place. Our home.

It is my desire to create a home filled with LOVE where my family can spend quality time together. This, is my desire for you as well. For your family to grow and flourish in your home. And for your children to remember the home they grew up in with adoration and love.

If this at all resonates with you, I encourage you to schedule a consultation with me. Let's talk about how we can design a home that your family LOVES and wants to spend time together in. 


My latest project… The Power of Battling in Prayer is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

This book has been a huge leap of faith and a product of obedience for me and I KNOW you will find breakthrough within these pages!!!

the power of battling in prayer
Mantle decor

Career Highlights.

  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture from Texas Tech University (Go Tech!)

  • I have worked in the Residential and Commercial setting for many years.

  • I've assisted in the design of homes with values of $2M or more.

  • I have worked for one of the top Interior Design companies in West Texas.


Have you ever been interested in a career in Interior Design but you have no idea where to start?

Trust me, I've been there.

That is why I decided to create this 6-week course just for Interior Designers.

My goal is to give you a roadmap to starting your own Interior Design business so that you can avoid the common mistakes that I made when I started my business.

Join a community of other women who are also going down the same path as you! In other ARE NOT alone!!!

Registration is now closed but will reopen soon!