There is a Process to the Miracle.

Just because your miracle is not instant, doesn’t mean it’s not a miracle.

Whoa. This word was whispered into my spirit multiple times until I finally sat down, took some time and contemplated it.

See, I have been waiting on a miracle for over 2 years now. The kind of miracle that I don’t know what will happen if the Lord doesn’t show up.

I stepped out in faith 2 years ago believing that the Lord would catch me… and He has…but not in the way that I thought He was going to catch me.

2 years ago I thought I was going to get my miracle… here I sit 2 years later and still nothing.

But, just because your miracle is not instant, doesn’t mean its not a miracle.

We live in a time where we glorify the INSTANT.

But what if our miracle is a process and it doesn’t happen instantly???

I believe that it is in the process that we mature as Christians and our faith and confidence in the Lord is strengthened.

The Lord took me to two times in particular in the Bible, where the miracle was not instant.


1) Moses parting the Red Sea

I know what you are thinking.

That was instant.

But no. It really wasn’t.

“Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea. The Lord drove the sea back with a powerful east wind ALL THAT NIGHT and turned the sea into dry land.” Ex. 14:21

See, it took ALL NIGHT for the seas to part and the ground to dry out.

Moses stood with outstretched arms and watched as God parted the waters foot by foot.

I’m sure, at times it didn’t look like anything was happening.

The wind started to whip water around and I’m sure that once a foot or two of water was displaced Moses watched and thought, “but Lord that isn’t enough”

But he continued to stand with his arms stretched wide and waited for the Lord to complete His miracle.

Eventually, the Israelites walked through the Red Sea on dry ground.

Remember, just because it was not instant does not mean it wasn’t a miracle.

2) Elijah calling fire down from Heaven

Elijah was challenging the prophets of Baal. He instructed the prophets to have Baal reign down fire to light wood on fire.

The prophets of Baal did everything they were supposed to do, they gathered the wood, sacrificed a bull and began calling on the name of Baal. But no matter what they did nothing happened.

So Elijah began the process.

“Elijah took twelve stones-according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the word of the Lord has come, saying “Israel will be your name”- and he built an altar with the stones in the name of the Lord. Then he made a trench around the alter large enough to hold about four gallons. Next, he arranged the wood, cut up the bull, and placed it on the wood. He said, “Fill four water pots with water and pour it on the offering to be burned and on the wood. Then he said, “A second time!” and they did it a second time. And then he said, “A third time!” and they did it a third time. So the water ran all around the altar, he even filled the trench with water….. Then the Lord’s fire fell and consumed the burnt offering….” 1 Kings 18: 31-38.

Notice the process Elijah went through to receive the miracle.

This miracle was not instant. It took time. And it was a process.

But that does not mean it was not a miracle.

Whatever you are waiting on. It’s coming.

The Lord is faithful.

You may have to wait. You may have to endure the process. But your miracle is coming.

The Cost of Disobedience.

Sometimes its really hard to be obedient.

I truly believe that we ALL struggle with obedience at some point in our lives and probably, if we are honest, multiple times in our lives.

In my struggle with obedience the Lord directed me to study Saul in 1 Samuel whose disobedience cost him greatly.

(I did a Facebook Live video teaching about this topic if you prefer to watch a video rather than read.)

1 Samuel 15:3. (The Lord is speaking to Saul and giving him instructions.)

“Now go and attack the Amalekites and completely destroy everything they have. Do not spare them. Kill men and women, infants and nursing babies, oxen and sheep, camels. and donkeys.”

The Lord gave Saul very specific instructions.

Destroy everything.

Do not spare them.

And then he even named everything he was to kill.

God gave specific instructions to Saul for him to follow.

So Saul summons the troops and then we see what happens in 1 Samuel 15:9.

“Saul and the troops spared Agag (the King of the Amalekites) and the best of the sheep, goats, cattle and choice animals, as well as the young rams and the best of everything else. They were not willing to destroy them, but they did destroy all the worthless and unwanted things.”

We can see here that everything was not destroyed. While they destroyed SOME of the Amalekites, they chose to keep the choice animals.

There have been so many times in my life where this happened to me too. The Lord gave me specific instructions and instead of being obedient I doubted. I listened to the world. I listened to culture. I allowed the doubt inside my head to be louder than the ask of the Lord.

I allowed the doubt inside my head to be louder than the ask of the Lord.

I like to call it, the “Good idea fairy”.

You know, when the Lord tells you to be obedient but then the “Good Idea Fairy” comes along and says “It is a better idea if we…”

The good idea fairy could come in many forms. Culture, the world, Satan, other people and the list goes on and on.

I can just imagine Saul’s troops saying things like…

“Did the Lord REALLY tell you to kill all the animals?”

“Why would we kill all of these choice animals. We could keep them and put them to use.”

“It seems wasteful to kill all of these animals.”

And you know what…. they were right.

It is wasteful to kill perfectly good animals that have a variety of uses.

Most of the time, the “good idea fairy” isn’t wrong. That is how Satan attacks you…with doubt.

This is also how Satan attacked Eve in the garden, “Did God really say, “You can’t eat from any tree in the garden?” (Gen 3:1)

At the end of 2018, I was really struggling with doubt. After all, I am an Interior Designer, what am I doing talking about Jesus on my Facebook page. (This is one of the doubts that revolved over and over in my mind.)

My main profession is Interior Design. The name of my Facebook page is Willow Design & Accessories. All I kept thinking is that people were confused. And if I am honest, I was worried about what other people would think of me. Why do I have social media that is dedicated to my Interior Design business and I also speak about Jesus?

I need to have a clear concise message to be successful. (At least that is what the experts say.)

I had even had my Facebook page critiqued (this was a bad idea, don’t do this.) And the expert said exactly what my doubts had already been telling me. “You don’t have a clear and concise message and your confusing everyone who looks at your page”

You see, my doubts weren’t wrong.

There was immense truth to what the expert had told me. My Facebook page doesn’t have a clear and concise message. I talk about Interior Design AND Jesus. It’s confusing. Am I an Interior Designer or a Bible Teacher?

But I know that the Lord has given me clear instructions to speak about Him and to teach the Bible. He gives me the words to say all the time. He has given me a gift of speaking but it is up to me to use that gift and steward it well.

When the Lord gives you a gift, it is never just for you.

When the Lord gives you a gift, it is never just for you.

Gifts from the Lord are meant to be used to serve one another. “Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God. If anyone speaks, let it be as one who speaks God’s words.” 1 Peter 4:10

Saul could have done great and mighty things for the kingdom of Isreal with the platform he had been given— but his disobedience hindered him.

After Samuel confronted Saul, asking why he didn’t obey the Lord Saul blames his troops and then explains that he thought it would be a good idea to sacrifice the animals to the Lord instead of killing them.

“The troops took sheep, goats and cattle from the plunder— the best of what was set apart for destruction—to sacrifice to the Lord your God at Gilgal.

Then Samuel said: Does the Lord take pleasure in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? Look: to obey is better than sacrifice, to pay attention is better than the fat of rams.” (1 Samuel 15:21-22)

You choose who you will obey.

You cannot both serve God and serve man at the same time.

“Saul answered Samuel, … Because I was afraid of the people, I obeyed them.” (1 Samuel 15:24)

I struggled for months because of the fear of man. But what I have come to realize is that when you fear the Lord more than man obedience becomes easier.

When you fear the Lord more than man, obedience becomes easier.

I’m not saying your doubts will go away. But once you recognize the schemes of satan you are much more likely to see through the doubts and the questions for what they really are. A plan to get you off track so that the ways of the Lord will not be accomplished.

And the worst part of this story is how it ends… “and the Lord regretted he had made Saul king over Isreal.” (I Samuel 15:25

Disobedience cost Saul his reign as King and caused the Lord to reject him.

And that is the way disobedience works.

It costs us more than we want to give.


My Flocked, Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas tree

My Flocked, Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree


I have been not-so-patiently waiting for Halloween to be OVER so that I can decorate for Christmas!!!

And, yes, I would decorate before Halloween if it were just up to me…. but my husband definitely wouldn’t have it.

(This post contains affiliate links to products, meaning I earn a tiny commission when you purchase through these links at NO added cost to you!)

Last year, I flocked a wreath in my laundry room on FB LIVE! Check out the video here!!


Here is the finished wreath!!!!

The result was beautiful and it was super easy once I got the hang of it!!

This year I decided I was going to flock my ENTIRE 7.5 ft tree!!!

AND since I am obsessed with black and white buffalo plaid I thought I would add some with my gold and white ornaments.

I was determined to flock my tree, but I was also prepared for a mess. (it actually didn’t end up being as messy as I had imagined)

If you want to flock your tree you will need…

a bag of Snoflock. (I purchased the 2 lb. bag. I flocked my wreath and tree and I still have some left over!)

a spray bottle

a hand-held sifter

sheets to put under the tree to minimize the mess.

This is the only BEFORE the flocking picture that I had. This is my daughter helping me add lights to the tree.

This is the only BEFORE the flocking picture that I had. This is my daughter helping me add lights to the tree.

You will want to start at the top of the tree and shake the sifter full of Sno-flock all over the tree while you spray it with water.

It seriously took me about 10 minutes to flock my ENTIRE tree. This was the easiest part of putting up my tree this year.

Once I felt like I had the flocking over the entire tree evenly, I walked around and threw the flocking to try to get it into the limbs of the tree. (I’m not exactly sure you are supposed to do this, but I did)

I continued to spray the tree with water as the flocking fell onto the tree.

10 minutes later you are finished!!!

Don’t get super perfectionist about this. Once you place your ornaments and fabric scarves on the entire tree will come together and will be beautiful!!!

After “the flocking” and before I added any ornaments. You can apply the flocking as heavy or as light as you want.

After “the flocking” and before I added any ornaments. You can apply the flocking as heavy or as light as you want.

I have truly been disappointed in retail stores this holiday season. I have seen the buffalo plaid craze for months and knew that it was going to be big during the holidays but I STILL have NOT seen ANY buffalo plaid ribbon in the stores. Truly a let-down.


Since I could not find any ribbon, I started looking for some fabric that I could cut and use with my current gold ribbon.

I finally found some fabric by the bolt at Hobby Lobby. This fabric was just a light-weight cotton fabric but it had the right size buffalo plaid for my tree.

If you do not have time to go to Hobby Lobby or if your local store has run out you can purchase some black and white buffalo plaid fabric HERE!

When you are adding fabric scarves or ribbon, make sure you are going “in and out” of the tree.

Meaning make sure to tuck some in the tree so that the ribbon is not just setting on the outside of the tree but it actually looks like it is part of the tree.


I added a waterfall look to the side of my tree. I had extra fabric and ribbons that fell very close to covering some cords that are behind my tree.

So I thought I would go with it and hope that the “waterfall” would distract from the ugly cords that I can’t hide.

I allowed the fabric to puddle on the floor and the ribbon to curl down to the floor. I am very much an a-symmetrical decorator. I don’t like ANYTHING to be symmetrical, so this works for me. But if you like symmetry I would probably stay away from this look.

Once finished I stepped back and enjoyed my work! This has to be my favorite tree I have ever done. I love the softness that the flocking added to the tree and the fun buffalo plaid fabric as well!!!


How to create PASSIVE INCOME in your Interior Design business....

When I started my business over a year ago I had NO idea what the words PASSIVE INCOME meant. 

If you don't either. It is ok. You are in good company.

Passive income is usually defined as income you earn without being actively involved.
— Stefanie

While setting up my business I continually saw an issue coming up over and over again. 

My main reason for starting my own design business was to be able to set my own schedule so that I could put my family needs first and schedule my design business second. 

I, of course, had to add in a picture of my cute family!!!!

I, of course, had to add in a picture of my cute family!!!!

While I get to do that everyday, I realized that I was ONLY able to make money while I was physically working.

Therefore, I had a cap on how much money I could make. And if I needed to make more money for a vacation or something extra for my family that meant sacrificing family time to work more hours. 

And wasn't that the whole reason I left my 9-5 in the first place????

Insert passive income and multiple streams of income. 

That is when I started brainstorming.

And researching.

And watching other people's businesses. 

I started can I take what I already know about Interior Design and create multiple streams of income? 

First, I monetized my website. 

I figured, I need a website for my design business, and I already have it set up, why not make money from something I already have and need?

You can check out my website and ads HERE

I still remember the first $.25 I made after allowing a company to place ads on my website.... (you may be laughing at $.25, I think my husband was too when I called him and I was super excited.) 

But, what that $.25 meant to me, was that it was possible. 

Now I make money EVERY TIME someone visits my website. And they don't have to purchase anything from my website. 

I thought, wow, I could get used to this!!!

Insert The Round Table!!!!!

Passive income. Interior Design

I understand your Interior Design business. I have spent 10+ years as an Interior Designer. 

I am very passionate about helping other designers up-level their design business with new products and programs and creating passive income streams. 

That is why I created The Round Table. 

I know you, you don't have time to research and try to peck away at the computer trying to figure out new products and ways to create more income. 

That is why I wanted to bring the experts to you! 

Every month I will be bringing in experts to teach us something that will help us in our design business or show us how to create passive income!

In addition to the two experts that will be teaching us I will also be doing a monthly training and a LIVE Q & A session! 

You can join the LIVE Q & A and get help with ANY part of your design business!

Registration for The Round Table will open March 29th and will close April 5th! 

The cost for the membership group is ONLY $37 per month!

That means each training is $9.25!!! 

(Don't forget your monthly membership cost is tax deductible!!)

passive income. Interior Design

Once you join The Round Table you will be placed in a private FB page with other designers who are also in the group!

That means that you automatically have community and support from other designers just like you! 



Other topics we will cover will include...

**Creating great opt-ins and email marketing strategy

**Getting sponsored posts and sponsored FB LIVES

**Affiliate links

**Blogging and increasing blog traffic

**Using Instagram for your business


**Using FB ads to increase your social media presence

**and so much more!!!

If you miss this open registration time you won't be able to register again until July!!!! You will miss 3 months of training!!!! 

Are you ready to up-level YOUR Interior Design business in 2018?

passive income. Interior design

Want to start CRUSHING your FB LIVE videos in 2018????

Get my tips on how to have a successful FB LIVE and start actually LIKING it


What to do when your home doesn't feel like YOU

You have worked really hard for many years to become the successful person that you are. 

You feel like you are killin' it in life and everything is going well....and then you come home and just feel "off". 

You can't put your finger on it but your work, friends and life challenge and inspire you but you don't feel the same way about your home. 

Friend, it's because your home doesn't fit who YOU are.

Either your home never really fit you or you have changed and evolved and your home hasn't.

Trust me. I get it. When you are working toward something in your life whether it is financial freedom, success in business or trying to raise a family something has to give. 

A LOT of times that thing is your home. 

I want for you to come home and feel like your home reflects what you have been working so hard for.

What to do when your home doesn't fit who YOU are...

Step 1

First, (you may not want to hear this one) what I see the most and the thing that is the hardest to control is clutter. Clutter easily can take over your entire home.

First, you drop a few things on the desk by the door and say you are going to get to that later. Then the kids homework and notes from school end up on the kitchen counter but you have a soccer game so you will read the note from the teacher later. 

Interior Design

Clearing the clutter is not a job that you do every six months once it becomes unbearable. 

To kick the clutter habit, you will need to work on this daily or weekly to keep it under control. 

What to do when your home doesn't fit who YOU are....

Step 2

Once you have cleared the clutter and you have figured out what you DON'T need. Make sure there is a spot for everything that could become clutter. 

When you get bills that you need to pay or file where do they go?

When you get that note from the teacher about the kids or grandkids Valentine's party can you put the appointment into your phone and then throw it away?

Make sure you have a space for everything that you need to keep or get to easily. 

Now I don't at all expect you to live in a cold "compound-like" home where there is no paper in sight or dirty laundry or stray throw blanket. 

But the key is to be able to put everything in it's place continually so that the clutter does not pile up again. Remember the key is to continually work on clutter and to not let it pile up to take care of in six months. 

If you have a space for keys, wallets, change etc, you will begin to place the items in their designated spaces rather than dropping the clutter haphazardly. 

What to do when your home doesn't fit who YOU are....

Step 3

Congratulations!!! You have kicked the clutter!!! This is the hardest step (and let's be honest, the most boring.)

Now I want you to either look through a magazine or scroll through Pinterest and see what things, items, colors excite you? When you stop at a picture that you love make sure you dissect exactly why you love it. (DO NOT skip this step!!! This is the most important step in the process.)

Is it the chair? The window treatments? The color on the wall? A particular picture? 

Interior Design

Make sure you are really narrowing down your focus to the colors that you like, the style of furniture and overall feeling. 

What styles are you gravitating towards? Modern, farmhouse, up-scale chic? 

You can create a "look-book" with these images, styles and inspiration. 

You now should have a clear focus on the kinds of things that fit you and your lifestyle. 

What to do when your home doesn't fit who YOU are...

Step 4

Interior Design

Armed with your "look-book", direction and focus it is now time to go shopping! 

You have already defined what colors and styles inspire you so you will be able to easily walk away from items or furniture that do not fit into your direction. 

This the the reason why I wanted you to predetermine what your style and favorite items were BEFORE you stepped into a store

Once you determine exactly what you are looking for you can easily eliminate items that don't fit. Otherwise you will end up being a lost puppy inside of a very large store. 

Focus and direction are the name of the game. 

There is only one rule! Do NOT buy anything that you don't love!!! If you don't love it in the store you will not love the item in your home!!! 

Want more information??? Check out my Facebook page to learn more!

Willow Design