My Experience with Fashom--a Leader in Women's Fashion

My Experience with Fashom--a leader in women's fashion

I LOVE clothes and I am always on the hunt for more info on the latest women's fashion!!!

I had been using a clothing styling service for a few months but when Fashom contacted me to ask if I would check out their women's fashion styling services I jumped at the chance!

I have recently starting using Facebook LIVE to help promote my business and in the last year I have realized that I am in desperate need of updating my closet!!! (I was seriously wearing the same three outfits every time I would go LIVE.)

Also, I will be 30 in a few days and I am extremely embarrassed to say that I still have a few items of clothing from high school. (I am absolutely cringing admitting that...)

Right off the bat I realized that Fashom is different because everything is done through their app. 

The first step in my quest for the latest in women's fashion was to download the Fashom app.

After downloading the app, I filled out everything about my styling preferences. 

This included pictures of some outfit choices which I thought was very interesting and probably helped my stylist a great deal to understand what I liked. I was shown these outfit choices and was asked to choose which ones I liked. 

One thing I really appreciate is to be asked about my modesty level. I am pretty picky about clothes not being low cut or showing any skin. (Just my personal preference.)

Once I filled out my styling preferences I was told in 48 hours my stylist would send me all of the clothing selections. 

After that was done, I had a look around the app. There is a DISCOVER tab that is very much like Instagram. You can scroll through and check out other people's outfits for inspiration. 

I definitely liked the fact that I could look at specific categories of clothes such as formal, casual, boho, classic and there are many more. I also discovered a kids clothing section!!!! 

One my alotted time had passed I was pleasantly surprised that my stylist sent me SIX outfits to choose from!!!!

womens fashion

This was one of the three board of clothes that I was sent. I was super sad that I only screen shot this one board. I did not realize that once I made my selections I wouldn't be able to see this again. 

But I think you get the idea from this board what your stylist sends you. 

Once you review the boards you can select AT LEAST 5 pieces of clothing that you would like to be sent to you with NO SHIPPING CHARGE!

Oh...I almost forgot the best part about Fashom.....NO STYLING FEES!!

One thing I struggle with is putting an entire outfit together.

But, as you can see Fashom helps with your WHOLE outfit!!! 

After consulting with my daughter, who is six and has surprisingly good taste, I selected five items to be shipped to me. 

I was a little dismayed that it took almost two weeks for the clothes to get to me, but I am sure that is just because I was so excited to see them! 

And then one day... IT CAME!!!!


Here are my selected clothing pieces! As you can see there were two shirts that were switched out but I was very happy with my replacements so this did not bother me at all. 


Unfortunately we have had HORRIBLE weather for weeks and I wasn't able to take pictures in these outfits like I originally wanted to for all of you. (Maybe the weather will cooperate next time!)

But, next best are all the outfits!!!! (I added a few accessory pieces of my own)

Wine colored cold shoulder top and distressed jeans from Fashom

Wine colored cold shoulder top and distressed jeans from Fashom

Pale blue top with ruffle sleeves and white distressed jeans from Fashom!

Pale blue top with ruffle sleeves and white distressed jeans from Fashom!

Blue cold shoulder top with white distressed jeans from Fashom!

Blue cold shoulder top with white distressed jeans from Fashom!

Lavender top with white distressed jeans from Fashom!

Lavender top with white distressed jeans from Fashom!

Im curious which outfit is your favorite???

(By the way...keep reading for a coupon code at the bottom!)

womens fashion-Fashom

This is my FAV!!!

I was a little nervous about this color but I put it on an wore it immediately!!!

I thought I would lay out what I thought the pros and cons were of Fashom women's clothing styling service...


**No styling fees!! 

**I get control over what items are shipped to me. (This is probably the biggest one to me. I can then tailor my clothing to what I NEED)

**Lower prices (the average price of each piece was $30!!!! What a steal!!!)

**My stylist sent me clothes I would actually wear!!



**The two weeks it took to get items shipped to me. 

**Quality (With a lower price point a slightly lower quality is to be expected. I was still pleasantly surprised and pleased with the majority of the items.) 

womens fashion-Fashom
womens fashion-Fashom

Overall, I was very happy with Fashom, women's styling service, and I have already scheduled for my stylist to send another set of clothes!!!

Fashom is so kind to send me coupon code for ALL of you to use!!! 

Use the code Stefanie20 to get 20% off your first order!!!

Check out Fashom and let me know what you think!!!


Stefanie Brown

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