Have you been in business for a few years?

Maybe you have looked through this 6-week course and know that you don’t need ALL of the information.

Or you are struggling in one area of your business and you just need some specific teaching in that area.


I got you.

Now introducing the Interior Designers Toolbox individually separated into each topic so you can purchase only what you NEED!

Do you need help with Invoicing, Estimates and Retainers??? That information is included in Week #2 and you can purchase the bundle of videos separately.

Do you need help measuring window treatments? That information is in Week #5!

Or maybe mindset is your biggest struggle? Check out Week #6!!!!

We all have areas of our business that we can improve.

That is exactly why I decided to separate out this six-week course!!

Don’t worry, if you need ALL of the information I will be opening the entire course again in the fall!

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Want to know what people are already saying about the Interior Designers Toolbox?

I am really enjoying the Toolbox course. Stefanie gives step-by-step training of the true skills that interior designers need. I appreciate her wisdom and have learned a lot. This course will take my business to the next level!
— Debbie
What I love about the Interior Designers Toolbox is that the program is filled with real and useable information that we can use make our interior design business successful.
— Sonia
I just want to say Thank you! I have learned more from you by these videos...more so than what I learned in design school!
— Tasa




Week #1

Learn all about the basics of starting your own interior design business. Learn how to narrow down your ideal client and ideal project so you can begin marketing specifically to the projects that will highlight your design skills.

  • Introductory Video
  • Legal documents you need
  • Insurance
  • Social Media for your business
  • Invoicing Programs
  • Ideal Clients, Ideal Client Projects, Ideal Work Environments


Week #2

Learn from the top marketing expert for Interior Designers on the best first steps to market your Interior Design business. Discover the basics of pricing yourself and how to mark up your products so you can run a profitable business. Finally, learn why you need a contract (design agreement) and what needs to be included to protect your business.

  • Warm Leads
  • Pricing
  • Contracts
  • Marketing your Business


Week #3

This week is ALL about the client. Learn how to manage the client consultation, write an estimate, what kind of retainer you need, and how to make a plan for your project to avoid wasting time and money.

  • Client Consultations
  • Estimate
  • Retainer
  • Making a plan for your client
  • Invoices


Week #4

This week we are going shopping! (Well, we are at least going to talk about going shopping). We will walk through how to purchase wholesale and you will get a list of vendors you can use. You will get a retail shopping strategy so you can make the most of your time, because remember, time is money. And last we will go through organizing for your client. A disorganized project will almost always fail on some level. 

  • Shopping Retail vs. Shopping Wholesale
  • Sales Reps
  • Measuring
  • Organizing Client Content
  • Giving Clients Options


Week #5

This week’s focus in on window treatments!!! Receive a list of the fabric vendors I use and learn how I measure and determine the cut yardage needed. We will also be going through my toolbox so you can be prepared at every install. Finally, learn the basics of choosing fabric for different projects and the fabrics you should avoid.

  • Toolbox (your actual toolbox necessities)
  • Template for Measuring Window Treatments
  •  Measuring a Window
  • How to Design Window Treatments
  • Choosing Fabric


Week #6

Learn the basics of SketchUp and Design Files (my favorite design programs) to quickly produce renderings to WOW your clients. And possibly the most important training is over your mindset. I can give you ALL the tools but if you don't get your mind right it will be very difficult to run a successful business.

  •     Learn the basics of SketchUp
  •     Overview of Design Files
  •     Mindset
  •     Mindset
  •     Mindset


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